Established in 1996, Total Media Source Inc. is a media- communications company focused on developing a wide range of marketing tools for clients from both the business and the non-profit communities.

Please review our partial client list, services and industries served.

Answers In Genesis (Web & Business Consulting)
Buyers Resource Island Realty (Web Design, Search Engine Optimization)
Chesapeake Accounting Co. (Web Design, Online & Traditional Marketing)
Columbus Metropolitan Library (Web Traffic Analysis)
Mid Ten Media (Casual Gaming)
Procter & Gamble (Consulting & Design)
The Kroger Co. (Branding & Package Design) The National Underground Railroad (e-Learning)
Time Warner Cable TV (Branding & Interactive Branding)
Ultima Software Group (Branding & Traditional Marketing)
University of Cincinnati (Web Marketing)
WCET TV (e-Learning)
WGUC Radio (Educational Gaming)


Total Media Source, Inc.
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